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Image by Ilya lix

Behind MrMiss

MrMiss Design Studio was born in 2014, Madrid. Connected by the love for swimwear & underwear, a group of young people decided to get together and turn their passion to reality. 

The idea of MrMiss came from the English titles for Men and Women. The combination of these words stands for our everlasting pursuit of gender equity. We embrace different minds between men and women, we experience together, we inspire one and another, as our philosophy says: 

We are different; we are together. 

All About US

We iDesign

There is no standard for beauty. Everything is beautiful in its own way. That is the reason why we emphasize on endowing our designs with local characteristic. To achieve this goal, we have developed "We iDesign" system. It allows our long term- collaboration clients to participate in the design process by giving opinions or even choosing the style, pattern, colors, or sizings. 

It is not about massive production in a competitive industry; it is all about giving  each design the soul they deserve.  

Brands by MrMiss
For now there are 4 brands created by MrMiss Studio: Rae, Coiba, Chlamys Varias, and MrMiss; differed in style, price, packing, etc. 

By creating different brands, and letting clients participate in the product-capsule development, we continue exploring the unlimited possibilities of interactions with our partners. 

Head out into the world

In the past two years, we started our online B2B business to offer more solutions and support to our European and worldwide clients who run a small business or just started-up.  In the meanwhile, we are able to gather more feedbacks, opinions, local preference to design local-characterized products in the future. Our products are now available on Faire and Ankorstore

We care, we listen, we create and we make changes. 

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