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MRMISS DESIGN STUDIO is a collective of experienced and passionate professionals offering creative, comfortable and good quality products,as well as efficient insider B to B services to those who are catering for the markets of woman from various age group that seeks for good products with rational purchasing habits.

The studio was established in 2014 in Madrid, Spain, aiming to make the wish of those who seeks values in products and having an innovative, playful lifestyle come true. The products: A big range of swimwear, lingerie and sportswear takes both comfort and diversity into consideration as priorities, offering a " bien-être" lifestyle to the targeted customers.

In the same year of 2014 with the strong supply chain of MRMISS Studio, our in-house brand "COIBA" was launched with an unexpected success where we got 50 selling points on the "Spanish Golden Coast". It was very motivating to have many of the "Bomba" Spanish women to wear our products for going to the beach or chilling at home.

With the experience we gained from 2 years of working on improvising the products and supply chain by constantly R&D, we had a better understanding of the market's demanding. Following the successful example of our previous label, we launched our second brand CHLAMYS VARIA in Ibiza, setting foot steps in the paradise of summer.

With the constant success of brand building, we started the label, eponymous of the name of our studio MRMISS, we are marching through the international market. We had presents in the international lingerie fair Mode City and received a very good feedback from professional across the whole Europe, America and South East Asia.

We looking forward to work with those who are ambitious and sending out positive vibes.

"We are different but we are together " By MRMISS