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Hey there!

We know you have been waiting for so long. Although the world has been changing so much, it is our persistence that help us through difficult times and bring you the new season. Yes! We made it! 

The 23SS come out with 4 capsules. In each capsule, you are able to create your own look with different top and bottom. 

You are unique, so should be your outfit !

SS23 is only open for verified retailers or professionals, make sure you sign up first!

20220928 MRMRSS DESIGN7416.jpeg

Inspired by Idun, a goddess from Norse mythology who is in charge of guarding golden apples and grant its power of eternal youth to the gods. Idun is known as goddess of youth. Not only the youth, but also the pureness, braveness and positivity that we will never stop looking for. 

In this capsule, you will find 3 tops, 2 bottoms and 1 swimming suit in 6 colors, and 4 patterns. Million of ways to create the matching outfit. One of them is yours!

20220928 MRMRSS DESIGN7014.jpeg

"Smooth between sea and land
Is laid the yellow sand,
And here through summer days
The seed of Adam plays."

                              -- A. E. Housman 

Land, sea, forest, sun, garden, coconut palm... you will find them all here. 

For this capsule, we designed 2 tops, 5 bottoms, and 1 swimming suit in 7 colors and 5 patterns. 

Imagine all the options you can have! 

20220928 MRMRSS DESIGN7191.jpeg

Every summer is a Rhapsody.

Time to let loose, ditch the stress, and break out of routine. Just enjoy life and live for the moment !

Kissed by sunshine, having a coctel on the beach, touched by summer breeze, surfing in the ocean wave, how cool is that?

This capsule is made of 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 1 suit in 6 colors, and 4 patterns. Enjoy! 

20220928 MRMRSS DESIGN7399.jpeg

Running after the sun in Seattle symbolizes following light in darkness, fighting for peace in the mess, dancing in the rain. It is a story about not giving up and staying true to yourself. 

This is a minimalist capsule: made of 2 tops, 2 bottoms, and 1 suit in 1 color.

Check it out and you will find how stunning it is !

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