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MrMiss Affiliate Project 

In the past two years, we have joined Ankorstore and Faire successively where allow us to meet more reliable friends and professionals all over the world who share their love for bikini and lingerie with us.

Motivated by their trust, our determination of building a mutually beneficial relationship with our professional clients is getting stronger. That is why we came up with Affiliate Project which allows us to reward our partners with constant commission. 

Textile Industry


What is MrMiss Affiliate Project ?

Affiliate program allows you to earn commission by referring retailers to our B2B shops on Ankorstore or Faire. Each time they place an order, you will get 10% of the order amount (excluding tax) as a reward, which means if your referral place order constantly, you will get rewarded constantly.

Sounds awesome, right? 


Who can become an affiliate? 

    ❤︎ Any clients who have bought from us before;

    ❤︎  Professionals who know well our target clients;

can become one of our affiliates by applying or being invited by us. 

Fashion Design Models
B2B SALES, SWIMWEAR UNDERWEAR BRAND IN SPAIN, available on FAIRE and Ankorstore. Manufacture.


How to bring your referral?

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1.  The affiliate should sign up first. After becoming our website member, you will find "My Referrals" page in your member pages. You can either fill the form and then submit or download the excel template, fill in and upload it again. 

2.  After we receive your form list, we will send them invitation email from both platforms. 

3. In the invitation email, the clients will find all the benefits they can get from the platform(find out here), registration link, and steps to sign up. It is really easy, just gonna take you 2 minutes. 


Getting paid: 

❤︎ In your member page, we have embedded a link to our internal system, where you can consult the order status of your referrals and the commission you earned. 

❤︎ The commission will be liquidated monthly. You will get paid every 5th of the month for the commission of last month. The order date is the same as shipping date. 

❤︎ The commission can be saved and used for your future order with us or withdrawn by bank transfer (Invoice will be required). 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič


Let us show you how easy to handle the whole process. 

We will review your application, once it get approved, we will register your information in our internal system. Then we will give you a user name to have access to our internal system. 

After the referrals place an order on the platform, we will input their order data to our internal system. You can consult the order information and your commission with your user name. 

After you submit the form list of referrals, we will register their information in our internal system.

You can review their information using the user name we give you. 

After we liquidate the commission monthly, we will register the payment information in our internal system. You can check the payment status of your commission any time with your user name. 

B2B SALES, SWIMWEAR UNDERWEAR BRAND IN SPAIN, available on FAIRE and Ankorstore. Manufacture.
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