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MrMiss Referral Project 

In the past years, we have joined Ankorstore and Faire successively where allow us to meet more reliable friends and professionals all over the world who share their love for bikini and lingerie with us.

Motivated by their trust, our determination of building a mutually beneficial relationship with our professional clients is getting stronger. That is why we came up with Referral Project which allows us to reward our partners with constant commission. 

Join our Referral Project and start getting discounts for every first-time order through your referrals.

The more you refer, the more you save on your purchases.

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What is MrMiss Referral Project ?

Referral program allows you to earn rewards by referring retailers to our B2B shops on Ankorstore or Faire. Each time they place an order, both you and the person you refer will get rewarded.


Who can become our partner? 

Any clients who have bought from us before;

Professionals who have contacts of our target clients;

can become one of our partner by applying or being invited by us. 

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How to bring your referral?

If you are our existing customer and wish to refer us to your contacts:

  • On the Faire platform:

  1. Download and share our QR code. Click here.   

  2. Contact us before placing an order to claim a discount.

  • On the Ankorstore platform:

  1. Share our QR code. Click here.

  2. Contact us before placing an order to claim a discount.

*New clients on Ankorstore can get 100€ extra using code: LIFT-D4FWSAPR

  • If you are a professional:

Fill out the form to apply to become our referral project partner.


What are our rewards ?

  • If you are an existing client:

Both you and the retailer you refer will enjoy a 20% discount for your orders (discount valid for single use only).

  • If you are a professional, what are our rewards:

Once the retailer you refer places an order, you will receive a 10% commission.

The retailer you refer will receive a 20% discount for their first purchase (discount valid for single use only).


Please contact us by sending an email to: before placing an order to claim the discount and inform us of the referrer.

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B2B SALES, SWIMWEAR UNDERWEAR BRAND IN SPAIN, available on FAIRE and Ankorstore. Manufacture.


Let us show you how easy to handle the whole process. 

Share our QR code and share your amazing shopping experience with the retailers.

You will also receive a 20% discount code for this successful referral. Please contact us before your next order, and we will send you the discount code.

When your friend decides to try our products, please contact us before placing an order, and we will send a 20% discount code to them. Also, please provide the name of the referrer.

If you are a professional and need to receive a 10% commission, please invoice us. We will transfer the commission to you after receiving the order payment.

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